The Doctorate must be completed in 3 years.

The program is in English.

Each student must:

  • carry out an original research activity and conclude with the thesis defense
  • co-author papers on major peer-reviewed international journals or patents
  • attend specialized courses and seminars to complete their education. Tutors will evaluate their preparation.
  • participate to teaching activities as a teaching assistant

A visit of at least 3 months to an international scientific organization and participation to national and international conferences are strongly recommended and fostered.

Admission to the following year of the PhD Course includes:

  • Writing an annual work report
  • Presentation and discussion of the annual research activity to the PhD Teaching Committee

To be admitted to the Thesis Defense the students must comply with the following requirements:

  1. presentation of the thesis to the Teaching Supervising Committee
  2. evaluation of an external referee
  3. evaluation of the student’s tutor
  4. approval of the Teaching Supervising Committee