Access to renewable and sustainable energy vectors, environment protection and preservation, together with the development of technologies and therapies allowing to enhance health care and life quality for the aging world population are humanity’s greatest challenge in the 21st century.

Succeeding in addressing this challenge is the only hope of ensuring prosperity of our modern society. The development of renewable energy sources and of alternative and efficient energy conversion devices enables global economic growth, minimizing environmental impact. This requires a multidisciplinary effort involving many fields like chemistry, physics, materials science, biology, medicine, nanotechnology, just to name a few.

Materials are crucial for the development of all sustainable technologies and the activities of the PhD Course in Materials for Sustainable Development address the investigation of materials and related devices. The academic offer is wide and diversified and enables the PhD candidates to acquire solid scientific and methodological knowledge for tackling complex problems in the framework of their doctoral thesis.

Aim of this PhD course is, in fact, to prepare experts in materials preparation, processing and application in the fields of energy and health that might then be occupied not only in academia but also in professional or industrial enterprises. This Doctorate aims to supply students with the appropriate technical, operative and cognitive instruments to gain a leading role in the industrial, academic and professional framework.

Admission to the doctoral program is on a competitive basis. The expected characteristics of the ideal candidate are pro-active researcher and team player, adaptability to a multicultural environment, and good written and spoken English.

Given the wide number of international collaborations of the Faculty members, it is foreseen that part of the Ph D students research activities will be carried out in foreign Universities or research Centers.