The training activities are aimed at completing the knowledge and skills of the doctoral students as well as providing the skills related to the techniques and methods of carrying out scientific research, and the basic knowledge for the pursuit of the objectives of the course.

The training activity of the PhD course is organized in:

  • Specific courses offered by the teaching staff
  • Specific lessons/courses offered by other doctoral courses (mainly in the Science field) of the University of Tor Vergata
  • Student-choice courses in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics, Biology, Engineering and Dentistry within the undergraduate courses offered by the University of Tor Vergata
  • International courses, Summer / Winter Schools, Workshops
  • Departmental and interdepartmental seminars

The training activities are mandatory and must be agreed with the Tutor and approved by the Teaching Committee, which verifies their consistency with the training plan and/or with the doctoral thesis project.

Overall training activities are constantly accompanied by a careful tutoring through regular meetings with the tutors and professors of teaching commette mostly competent in the research field.

Specific training activities are also provided with final assessment:

  • Participation, as a speaker, in workshops, national and international conferences on topics related to the specific research areas of the PhD student
  • Organization, by doctoral students, of workshops, national and international conferences at public or private, national or international research institutions, also with doctoral interventions aimed at publication in specialized journals

Monitoring of the activities is based on the presentation to the tutor of adequate certification and/or report.

A period of study and research of at least three months at qualified universities and foreign research institutes is strongly recommended.

Admission to the following year of PhD Course and to the final doctoral examination (defence) includes:

  • Annual work report
  • Talk about the annual research activity to the PhD Teaching Committee
  • Evaluation of the papers and/or peer review result by the Professors of the PhD Teaching Committee