Dr Pierfrancesco Ulpiani (XXXIII cycle PhD student) was awarded 2021 IEEE Emilio Gatti and Franco Manfredi, Best Ph.D. Thesis Award in Radiation Instrumentation.

The award is presented to distinguished young scientists who have completed their Ph.D. thesis in the field of Radiation Instrumentation for fundamental and applied research. Award Ceremony will be on December 16th, 2021.

Pierfrancesco thesis titled “A novel g sensitive detector apparatus for eV neutron spectroscopy applied to hydrogen-bonded systems” and tutored by Prof. C. Andreani and Prof. R. Senesi, reports the basic theory of neutron scattering and the facility where neutrons are produced, with a particular attention on VESUVIO and the detection strategy used at present. Part of the thesis is devoted at the configurations tested for the apparatus, with a detailed description of the preliminary tests performed on a polyethylene sample, used as a neutron spectroscopy standard, together with the calibration and the response simulation, performed within the FLUKA environment, of the detector. Once the optimal configuration was found the nuclear dynamics in biphenyl was investigated.