Materials and Technologies for Dentistry

Research Areas:


Aesthetic restorations with reduced biodegradation: LED curing lights represent means for the initiation of the light curing reaction of composite materials. The determination of their effective power, of theirs emission spectrum and their emitted heat is of remarkable importance in order to determine the potential damages associated to use. Composite resins and Enamel-Dentine adhesives are the materials of choice for many dental therapies. The restoration mechanical and chemical stability depends on a correct polymerization process which can be analyzed in several aspects such as: emitted heat, residual monomers, microtensile, compressive and wear resistance.

Properties of orthodontic materials: the orthodontic treatment allows for the creation of an ideal occlusion from the aesthetics and functional point of view, promoting the improvement of oral health. The study of advanced materials and the search for new therapeutic methods now require less cooperation from the patient and shorter and shorter treatment times. Object of study is the analysis of clinical and scientific focus on the mechanical properties and surface of materials constituting a new generation of orthodontic brackets, orthodontic wires and elastomeric ligatures on the latest bonding products and techniques, and on cements and impression materials. Finally, the study of low-friction appliances is of particular scientific interest to assess, quantify and determine the increase of potential input from their clinical use.

Prosthetics and implantology. Materials and surfaces in osseointegrated implantology, including the development of laser-treated and/or coated implant surfaces, in order to enlarge the percentage of osseointegration and to reduce the healing period, and the use of new high aesthetic materials. Recording of anatomic intraoral data and realization of restorations using last generation cad-cam technologies. The use of tissue-repair cells and grow factors for tissue regeneration.