The Doctorate is expected to be completed in 3 years, altough proceeding  through a fourth year may be allowed in special cases.

The program is in English and starts in early November. Each student must carry out an original research activity and conclude with the Thesis defense.

During their first year, PhD candidates typically take advanced courses in their chosen area (typically  three 25/30 hours courses), start their supervised research projects, and report on activity. The second and third year are mainly dedicated to individual research under the supervision of the mentor.

A visit of at least 6 months to an international scientific organization is strongly recommended and fostered.

Co-authorship of papers on major peer-reviewed international journals or patents is crucial to obtaining the Ph.D. degree.

Students will complete their preparation through participation at Conferences and Workshop to present the results  of their research.

At the end of each year, the students will write a report and present it to the Teaching Supervising Committee to evaluate the advancement of their research. A positive evaluation is necessary to proceed into the following year.

To be admitted to the Thesis Defence the students must comply with the following requirements:

a) Presentation of the thesis to the Teaching Supervising Committee;

b) Evaluation of an external referee;

c) Evaluation of the student’s mentor;

d) Approval of the Teaching Supervising Committee.